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Our team focuses on the valuation of property assets that make up an estate or farm. These estate and farm appraisals can be for the purpose of loan security, taxation, internal transfers or for dispute resolution, and so need to be accurate, informed and respected.

To precisely value those assets we cover all bases, carrying out detailed inspections, completing all due diligence, identifying comparable evidence, conducting all necessary calculations, and then giving our informed opinion of the value in a clearly laid-out report.

“Many of our team have been working as rural valuers for their entire careers”

Obviously, for us to state an unequivocal value we need not only to be professional, competent and experienced, but we also need to be respected by all parties, which is why we are recognised by clients such as banks, county councils, corporate and institutions as reliable and sensible.

The team draws on many years of experience in the field, most of whom have been working as valuers for their entire careers. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and follow a strict internal audit process so our clients are assured of an accurate and informed valuation.

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