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Our goal is to support farmers and governments in South Africa, India and Turkey that are seeking a sustainable, inclusive agricultural transformation—one that creates economic opportunity, respects limits on natural resources, and gives everyone equal access to affordable, nutritious food.

  • Agriculture is the main source of income for several hundred million people around the world who struggle with poverty and hunger, most of whom are connected to small-scale, or smallholder, farms—plots of land roughly the size of a football field.
  • We invest in agriculture across South Africa, India and Turkey
  • Smallholder farmers in these regions, who collectively supply most of the population’s food, are incredibly resourceful in the face of challenges but need new options for sustainably producing and selling a wide array of crop and livestock products, especially as climate change rapidly intensifies the stresses they face.
  • Evidence shows that with the right kinds of support, smallholder farmers in the areas can tap the power of food production to create a better life for their families and improve their communities while providing local consumers with reliable access to healthy, affordable food.
  • Our investments in agriculture play an important role in the foundation’s broader effort to empower women and girls with economic opportunities.