Agro Global to expand olive-growing areas

In our research on olive cultivation and olive oil production, we have come across that HERMUS brand olive oils, which have received many prestigious awards from various countries of the world in the last two years. HERMUS is operating in Turkey and has been specialising in olive oil production, oil quality and the Spanish olive variety arbequina saplings. Arbequina is an extremely long-lived cultivar of olives that originates in the Mediterrenean. The fruit is highly aromatic, small, symmetrical and dark brown, with a rounded apex and a broad peduncular cavity.

We know that the quality of olive oil is determined by the production technology, as well as the air, water and climate structure of the region where it is grown. In this direction, our company has started the necessary initiatives for incorporation in Turkey for olive oil production and to purchase lands in the region where the cultivation will be carried out. We will share more detailed information in the coming weeks.