AGRO Global smart farming gets global green light

  • Official approval obtained from merger control authorities
  • Experienced senior leadership team in place and new company set for growth
  • Smart Spraying intelligence delivers precise weed identification and management


AGRO Group Digital Farming to globally market and sell smart farming technologies from a single source has now received approval by all relevant merger control authorities.

Smart configuration aiding efficiency
The Smart Spraying solution offers real-time, automated pre-emergence (“green-on-brown”) and post-emergence (“green-on-green”) weed identification and management day and night. Combining high-tech camera sensor technology and software with agronomic intelligence enables Smart Spraying in milliseconds to precisely detect weeds in crop rows and to spot apply herbicide only where needed. Its unique configuration supports a more efficient use of herbicide, with trials showing herbicide volume savings of 70% are achievable. Higher savings are also possible, with variability dependent on the prevailing field conditions and weed pressure of individual fields.

Supporting sustainability and biodiversity

“We have reached another important milestone in receiving merger control approval and have made considerable progress in the past few months. We have established the new company together, built the new team and continued to test our products successfully under different climatic conditions with various manufacturers,” says Peter Martin Doyle, Managing Director of AGRO Global Group. “Our Smart Spraying Solution continues to return consistent, positive test results, which clearly shows the combination of our hardware, software and advanced agronomic logic delivers.”

AGRO Smart Farming remains on-track to launch the Smart Spraying solution in limited numbers by the end of this year.

30 July 2021