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AGRO Global harnesses the power of skilled agronomists and the best intelligence to deliver unrivalled expertise and support for sustainable and profitable farming systems in the UK and beyond. As a leading provider of agronomy services, technology and strategic advice, AGRO Global combines excellence and innovation with the latest research and development to ensure our customers can meet today’s farming challenges with knowledge and confidence. We have commenced our activities and operations in the agricultural field in 2017. Having expanded and improved expediently in a short period of time, our corporation sustains its agricultural endeavors and works in numerous countries. Upon the initiation of the challenges encountered in agriculture and being appreciated more than ever, our corporation started to concentrate on beneficial agricultural operations. Our ability to swiftly adapt to new generation agricultural technologies, as well as enhanced R&D, has become the most influential factors on our growth.

Following the resolution adopted by our corporation in 2021, the AGRO GLOBAL TOKEN was introduced in September 2021, regarded to be a valid and applicable cryptocurrency in agriculture for the purpose of keeping up with the innovations in the world order and successfully aiming for the future. Moreover, a new structuring process has been initiated by the corporation along with this step taken in digitalisation.

Based on the fact that the largest states in the world have not yet regulated cryptocurrencies and due to uncertainties, our corporation has finalized this process by establishing two new enterprises in order to protect its investors and hold them harmless. This establishment has eliminated all possible adverse circumstances that might arise in the future.

As of January 2022,

  • Agro Global Group Corp has been established in 2021 at Intershore Chambers, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands for the cryptocurrency. Agro Global Group Corp has 100% ownership of Agro Global Token.
    A new agricultural corporation Agro Global Group Limited has been founded in January 2022 in the UK for the purpose of continuation of the agricultural operations and registering the official partnership of the corporation established for the token.
  • Agro Global Group Corp, established in the British Virgin Islands has 19% of the shares in Agro Global Group Limited, the corporation founded in the UK.
  • Assets of the agricultural corporation performing agricultural operations from between 2017 and January 2022 have been assigned to the agricultural corporation Agro Global Group Limited founded in the UK.
  • The new enterprise incorporations are accomplished in the countries where agricultural operations are conducted. Current agricultural lands and new lands to be acquired shall be assigned to these corporations. Each of them shall be associated and affiliated with Agro Global Group Limited agricultural company in the UK with their shareholding structure to the extent allowed by the applicable laws of such countries.

During this process, the entire corporation will eventually be affiliated with AGRO Global Group Limited in the UK. AGRO Global Group Limited corporation serves as the parent company with respect to determination of production,  sales and is the centre of the entire planning process.

The goal of the corporate restructuring plan mentioned above is to prevent possible unjust treatment and aggrievement of token investors, as well as types of possible legal damage that might result. As AGRO Global Group agricultural corporation, we always have a high mindset of protecting out investments and investors.

The main objective of the corporation is to proceed with its operations as a reliable corporation and gaining a foothold as a renown and powerful actor within the agricultural sector. The corporation comes to the fore with its innovative growing approach and strong R&D.

Our corporation proves its well-earned success in transforming the structure of unproductive lands into fertile lands with its experienced staff, and with this experience, ensures that other farmers grow quality products for the entire world and that this highly appreciated experience is beneficial to other producers across the world.

Because, we believe that closely monitoring the technological advancements, adopting those to new generation agriculture and incorporating strength into production are the steps of utmost importance. Having the utmost yield from unit area by accurate products and methods helps to boost the income of our corporation. Growing by investing its entire revenues in new agricultural areas, our corporation increases its income and offers benefits to the entire world. Balanced and healthy nourishment of our ever-increasing population, sustainable agriculture becoming widespread across the world, environmental-friendly production and precedence of our agricultural products in the world market have always been primary standpoint and business model of our corporation.

Global warming, man-made destruction of agricultural fields, environment polluted and contaminated by the factories, decreasing water resources lead to the destruction of the world.

Environmental pollution results in global warming by disrupting the ecosystem balance. The increase in the consumption of fossil fuels since the industrial revolution is one of the leading man-made damages to the environment. Acting with the awareness of these facts, new generation agriculture shall be the right move for the humanity. Bearing this thought in mind, our corporation takes firm and solid steps by expanding its agricultural fields with each passing day.

This agricultural modality developed and designed considering the decreased agricultural fields and rapidly increasing population of humans shall cast the light of hope on the world. Agricultural corporation AGRO GLOBAL GROUP has already accomplished this.

Agro Global Group agricultural corporationacquires non-fertile and arid lands with affordable prices. Such investment is highly crucial for both the world and the Agro Global Group agricultural corporation. Agro Global Group agricultural company has the required experience to have the non-fertile and arid lands qualified for agriculture.

The growth of right crop with high yield and revenue is decided on the lands purchased based on the climate structure of the region, sun, air and water values.
The soil structure with the highest yield and fertility for the selected agricultural crop is identified accordingly.
The soil identified to have the highest element content is supplied from various parts of the world.
Various fertile soils supplied from all across the world are mixed in large-scale silos.
This soil mixed in the silos is placed in packs with predetermined dimensions.
Large-scale greenhouses are established on non-fertile and arid lands.
Suspensions are made in the greenhouses where the crop is grown for the purpose of laying the packed soil.
Soil premixed and filled in silos is placed with these suspensions.
Computer-controlled drip irrigation pipes are placed on the ground line in the suspension system. Thus, the pH value of the water, highly crucial in agriculture is controlled accordingly.
Recollection pipelines are used for restoring the water used in the greenhouse. (Thus, water is used in the highest effective and efficient manner.)
Seedlings of the predetermined crop is planted on these soils with spaces appropriate to the tariff.
Contemporary and environmental-friendly agriculture is then initiated on the land purchased with affordable price.
The yield and efficiency in the gardens established in this way is 3-4 times higher in comparison with the gardens having the normal growth.
Agro Global Group agricultural corporation shall both provide 3-4 times more agricultural land to the world and achieve high profits accordingly.
Agro Global Group agricultural corporation seizes a stable growth with these investments.

Contemporary agriculture on fertile agricultural lands.

Agro Global Group agricultural corporation searches and find the land required for its specialized agricultural products. The size of the land is of utmost factor.
Crop seedlings to be grown on the purchased land are rendered ready in the nursery gardens of Agro Global Group agriculture corporation by the help of its experienced staff.
Laser machines operate on the purchased land to ensure that the productivity of the land does not reduce during both the stone collection and irrigation processes.
The shape and size of the land is processed into digital media.
The specialist teams, by the help of special software, calculate the angle of sunrise and sunset based on the data processed into digital media and calculate the planting intervals to avoid seedlings shading each other when grown. The spots where the seedlings are to be planted are marked on the land by special digital software exclusive to Agro Global Group agriculture corporation. Due to the fact that the harvest of the crops grown is to be performed with professional agricultural tools, plantings are generally performed uniserially. The number of seedlings to be planted on the land by this method is increased for 3-fold comparing to the old system and therefore, 3-fold revenue and yield are acquired from that particular arable land.
Data processed through special a dedicated software is transferred to the laser planting instrument. The instrument bores seedling planting holes on the land by the help of the borer pipes equipped on it.
A dedicated team includes certain natural fertilizer mixtures in these seedling slots to avoid problems to be encountered by the seedling in the initial soil.
Seedling planting team plants the seedlings in a precise and meticulous manner.
Drip irrigation line pipes are laid and tested accordingly.
Seedlings planted in soil are watered for a short time like one hour.
The crop yield and efficiency in the cultivation gardens established in such way are increased for 3-fold and control costs are maintained low. Thus, high revenues are acquired.

AGRO GLOBAL GROUP LIMITED registered in England and Wales. Company No: 13843382   Click here to verify.

AGRO GLOBAL GROUP CORP is subsidiary of Agro Global Group Limited. Registered in British Virgin Island (BVI) with Company Number 2083245 .  Click here to verify.

AGRO YATIRIM TARIMSAL URUNLER A.S.  is a subsidiary of Agro Global Group Limited. Registered in Istanbul, Turkey. Company No: 344603-5


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